happy spring!

I’ve been long awaiting this season! Up in the Sierra Nevada’s we have been experiencing some pretty cold weather and TONS of rain. Like twenty five inches in the last three months tons. But the last week we have been having beautiful sunny days and 70 degree weather! It has been so nice. Also, my mom is having Bella anytime this month! We are so excited for our new addition to the family. Her whole name will be Isabella Jane Webb. I am already in love and she hasn’t even been born yet! This year has been pretty tough on our family so a new addition will be a little motivation to keep pushing through. I also just started BYU Independent Study courses this week! Even though I have loved high school, it has been super hard to transfer to three (now four) schools in one year. I have already seen why most people rave about homeschool! I love being at my own pace and being able to review lessons and material that I have already learned. If you are looking for an independent study program, I would definitely recommend Brigham Young Universities’! They are a Christian based private school with amazing teachers and lessons. Even though I am interacting online I still feel connected with my teachers and the staff and they try to know me, even though we are living in different states. Well, I hope you all have a lovely Monday! IMG_1187[1]


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